The Best Hiking Boots

What are the best hiking boots? I get asked that a lot, since I do so much hiking. My pat answer is not usually appreciated: "The ones that fit best on your feet and fit best in your budget." So now I will give a real recommendation based on years of experience. There are several companies that I buy from on a regular basis.

My three favorites are Timberland boots, Merrell Boots, and Vasque Boots. Each has their strong points. All are sturdy, reliable, long-lasting, and comfortable. Well, as comfortable as hiking boots can be....

These days I have been using the half-leather, half-mesh boots just to have a pair of lighter boots on these old tired dogs of mine. The older I get, the lighter I want my boots to be. But back when I was a youngster bounding up and down the trails, it was total leather for me!

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