Hunt Hot Springs

While Eric and I were at Mt. Shasta, we made a little side trip that I wanted to tell you all about. I have a great book about hot springs of the western United States, and always look forward to exploring a new one.

Hunt Hot Springs is reachable from Redding. I want to post the directions here so some of you can visit yourself if you so desire. Go east on Highway 299 about 35 miles to Big Bend Road (exit is for the town of Big Bend). Turn north (left) on Big Bend Road and follow it about 17 miles to Big Bend. After you reach the general store in Big Bend, drive across the Pitt River Bridge. After .8 miles, FS 3702 turns to the right and merges with FS 11. Follow FS 11 for 100 yards, then park (due to road erosion, it is iffy as to how far you can drive up this forest service road). Walk on FS 11 until you see the first dirt road on your left. Walk down the dirt road. When it forks, go right. Continue walking one mile to the river, past the Wright Historical Cemetery.

GPS GeoCoords: 41.033722, -121.931484

Hunt Hot Springs is in a spectacular valley near Mount Shasta. There are several 105F rock and cement pools fed by the hot spring, including one that holds four people. There is also a soaking tub. This is a relaxing little getaway spot.

Because Eric and I read up on Hunt Hot Springs, we knew to bring along a bucket to carry water from the nearby creek so we could cool down the pool a bit. Made all the difference in the world.

Up and over the hill from Hunt Hot Springs is a really special place: a tiny, two-person rock pool called Kosh Hot Springs. This one was built by volunteers. Because it is tucked away, this spring is a hidden jewel. The pool is warmed by 104-degree water.

Eric and I would have a hard time choosing between Hunt or Kosh for our favorite small hot spring. Both are beautiful, quiet spots. We enjoyed breathing the fresh forest air and soaking after the Mt. Shasta trek. Hope you get the chance yourself to visit these two gems and make up your own mind.

Hunt Hot Springs - Weekends Outdoors.

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