What About RV's?

As you know, I do not engage in motorized outdoor sports such as snowmobiling, off-road racing, and things like that. I like the challenge of doing things outside with my own physical power, to test it and see how I can improve my strength and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time.

I used to be opposed to using recreational vehicles, back when I was much younger and more agile and out of touch with the older population and families with children. Since then I have broadened my horizons as I get out and meet other folks enjoying nature in their own way. I don't hang out in the same places or do the same things, but we share some things in common.

First and foremost is that we use gasoline to get to our favorite recreation spots. This cannot be denied, so until I am self-sufficient and not reliant upon fossil fuels myself, I have no right to criticize others for using fossil fuels.

Although I do not personally use or own a recreational vehicle, I can see how the lives of families with children and our older population are much less isolated and more enjoyable thanks to RV's.
And I can actually see myself joining the senior RV group myself, a thing I never would have thought possible in my younger days.

Many times when I pull into a trailhead parking lot I will see one or two RV's parked there, and I usually meet the owners on the trail. I often stop to gawk at these behemoths of the camping culture, and am amazed at the trappings that go along with these vehicles. Seems like you have to buy a whole lot of accessories for them, such as a trailer hitch cover and an RV spare tire cover and an RV this and an RV that! The most fun is when I meet up with them later on the trail and chat with them. The more I talk to them the more I see how if they did not have an RV, they would not be out enjoying nature and getting reconnected to the outdoors.

These folks are usually on their way to or from an RV park camping experience and are just enjoying a day hike in the vacinity of the RV campground. It is always fun to meet them and learn more about their lifestyles.

So put me in the category of "RV? Probably later!" Whatever it takes to enjoy being outside without bothering others is fine by me.

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