Backpacking Trip to Duffy Lake

This is a great beginner backpacking route. I needed a beginner route since I was taking along my friend Brett, who has never been backpacking before and was breaking in his first pair of hiking boots. I chose wisely, it turns out, as he only got a few minor blisters and I heard no complaints.

Brett was breaking in a new pair of hiking boots, but I was breaking in my new lightweight backpacking stove. It seems I need a new one every five years or so, and every time I go to buy a new one I am pleased with the improvement. This trip was the maiden voyage of my new Trangia 28-T alcohol stove. My first time to try an alcohol stove. What a pleasant surprise! It is quieter and boils water faster than with my old whisperlite. I hear these have been popular in Europe for many years now. Seems like we can usually learn things about outdoor recreation from our friends in Europe.

Brett and I reached the trailhead by 10am and made quick work of getting on the trail. It is a little over three miles in to the lake, but it is all uphill. It is well worth the trek to reach this beautiful wilderness lake. If you are looking for family vacation ideas, I would put a backpacking trip to Duffy Lake on your list.

Backpacking Trip to Duffy Lake - Weekends Outdoors

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